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Participate in our Program to boost our fight against Forest Fires and the countless damages they have caused.  Fill the Applcation Form below with your company/organization details to apply for our Program participation. For further details or inormation, please call us at +357 22 805541 or send us a message.

Offering financial and / or material assistance for the response to forest fires (prevention and suppression) or their consequences (post-fire rehabilitation projects, eg anti-erosion / anti-flood projects, reforestation, etc.).

Non-profit / altruistic contribution of your company / organization in dealing with the serious problem of forest fires that our country is facing. Your action will sensitize other organizations and thus the effort will become even more effective and productive.

Your company / organization will be promoted / advertised and will be known to the general public as a socially responsible company that cares for the common good and the protection of the natural environment of our country.

The non-profit contribution will give satisfaction to the company’s staff and at the same time will improve the overall image of the organization.

Your Organization can participate by donating money or equipment and machinery. Fill the form below and we will get back to you!

Corporate Participation Application